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Read my friend Tom Friedman's take on Tiger Woods in the New York Times


Thomas Friedman is a good friend and client, and it’s been an incredible experience exchanging ideas with him on both the game and life. He was kind enough to write the foreword to my book, The Game, and even mentioned it in the column he wrote about Tiger Woods’ Masters performance and what it represented about perseverance and the pure joy of the came. You can read the complete column here. The photo that accompanies this post came from my own trip down to Augusta last week. I’ve been going down for years with my camera—Augusta National is kind enough to let club professionals attend just by showing our PGA credentials—and I try to get images of the best players to help understand what it is that makes swings so different and so special. Watching Tiger both on the course and in the short game practice area is truly fascinating. His combination of power, creativity and focus is like nothing else I’ve ever seen. You can also look for more of these photos in a book for which I’m contributing with my friend Mike Adams. It’ll be out in the next few weeks.