Bernie Najar

Golf Instruction

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It’s a great time to be a player. But, as anybody who has ever searched for an instruction video on YouTube knows, having access to an unlimited amount of information doesn’t mean you’ll find the right information. And even if you find the right information, if you aren’t sure how to use it, it won’t do you much good. Identifying the problem is only the first part of the process. You must know what to do next. That’s where The Game comes in.

My goal was to create a roadmap for the game of golf—making it more fun one page at a time. I'm always trying to organize and prioritize information for my students. As a coach, my job is to reinforce these concepts and to motivate the player to enjoy the game and achieve the goals. In The Game, you will find help with some of the same filtering.

The Game is focused on eight of the most common questions and situations players have in the game, and I offer my answers to those questions. 

What makes this book different? Have you ever asked yourself the following:

·      What does getting off the tee better mean?

·      How do you get the most out of your next golf lesson?

·      How do you get better at competition – no matter what your level?

There’s an art and strategy to all of those things.

You can start from the beginning, but The Game is designed to be a reference book. You can pick the question or problem you want to solve today and go straight to it. It’s designed to be a step-by-step reminder for when you need to come back for a refresher course. Even the best players go through a tune-up phase at the beginning of a season, after they’ve put the clubs away for a few weeks.

I you to swing the club better, but more importantly, I wants you to enjoy the entire golf experience. To do that, we're going to focus on improving your overall golf skills—both on and off the course—so that you’re building great relationships with the people around you in the game.

And that’s when golf is really at its best.

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